For the past decade, auto dealers have been trying to convert car deals from Facebook. It started with getting fans/likes and then transitioned to engagement. Social marketers resorted to telling dealers that you couldn’t prove the ROI from Facebook and it was only for “branding”.

Those days are long gone! With Facebook Lead Gen Ads, you can generate thousands of leads directly from Facebook and track exactly what your ROI is. Lead Generation ads make it simple for auto dealerships to capture the information and start conversations with customers who are interested in your offers.

Here is an example of a dealerships ad campaign for the month of March 2019. They spent $15,000, reached 439,314 people, with 1,282,346 impressions and generated 3,192 actual leads.

Lead ad forms on Facebook are pre-populated with the customer’s information, making it was easy as a few clicks for the customer to submit their information. Facebook ads tend to have large bounce rates when sending customers to your website to complete a form. With Facebook Lead Generation ads you can skip that step all together. See the three simple steps below.

Lead Generation Step 1

Step 1: The customer clicks on the ad in their newsfeed.

Lead Generation Step 2

Step 2: The customer clicks next on the pre-populated form.

Lead Generation Step 3

Step 3: The customer clicks submit on the terms and conditions.

In just three simple clicks you have now captured the customers information directly from Facebook. The next step is communicating with them. That is where TECOBI can help. We gave built proprietary Text Messaging software that makes it easy to start a text message conversation with customers within seconds of them submitting the lead generation form on Facebook.

Our artificial intelligence will send an instant text message to customer about the specific vehicle they clicked on.Here is an example of a text conversation that was started when a customer submitted their information on a Facebook lead generation ad. You can see that our artificial intelligence recognized the vehicle the customer clicked on and sent them a customer VDP for them to view more details on that vehicle.

lead from facebook lead generation_ad

With Facebook Lead Generation and Text Message you can take your Facebook Marketing game to a whole new level. If you would like a review of your current Facebook Marketing strategy or a demonstration of our text messaging platform, please click the Text Us button on this website. We will shoot you a text message to setup a time.


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