How to Double Your Auto Sales Without Doubling Your Marketing Budget

Do you want to double your auto sales without doubling your marketing budget? Of course you do. Most times, when car dealerships increase their sales quotas, they end up spending a lot more money and even doubling their marketing budget. And they spend that budget on outdated automotive marketing strategies that barely even work. TECOBI gives you the ability to double your auto sales without spending more on new leads. Yes, really. If your dealership is serious about increasing profits in 2022, it’s time to try TECOBI. 

Increase Auto Sales Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget

If you are wondering how to double your auto sales without doubling your marketing budget, don’t even think about making an expensive TV commercial that isn’t going to sell you any more cars. There are plenty of traditional ways of trying to increase auto sales. You could spend your marketing budget on billboards, TV and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, new business cards and spend your time endlessly cold-calling leads.

Or, you could choose the cheaper and more effective option, and sign up for TECOBI software. I’ll tell you the real way to increase auto sales for your dealership. While these traditional car dealership marketing tactics might have worked in the past, there are much cheaper and more effective ways to sell cars these days. And many of these new methods involve getting contact information from your audience, so you can connect with them. No TV ad can do that.

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Real, Actual Ways to Increase Auto Sales

Auto Advertising That Actually Works

The number one way TECOBI helps you sell more cars is with our social media ads. With $30 million spent in Facebook and Instagram ads, you could say that we know what we’re doing when it comes to automotive advertising. One of the top mistakes I see advertisers making is over-targeting with their ads

At TECOBI, we cast a wide net with our Facebook ads and show them to everyone in your geographic area. Our ads display your most compelling inventory and vehicle specials to everyone near your dealership. We have the ability to do this because we have the ability to follow up with every single lead we capture for your dealership for as long as it takes for them to buy a car (more on that later.) 

We are also honest with your ads. We don’t lie. Lying to your customers is always a bad idea. That tactic creates mistrust around car dealerships, which is the last thing you want. Finally, our Facebook leads ads are easy for the user to fill out directly within Facebook. The form auto-populates with the user’s contact information, and boom, you have their details and now, we can add them to your working pipeline. That’s what makes Facebook ads so effective for auto dealers.

Why Car Dealerships Are Spending Too Much Money on Marketing 

Here’s a hot take you’re probably not used to hearing from an automotive marketing company: your car dealership is probably spending too much money on marketing. And you’re probably not spending enough money on following up with the leads you already have. 

That’s right: most dealerships struggle with following up with leads. Why throw so much money at reeling in new leads when you can spend almost no money and just a little bit of time following up with the leads you already have? You might think they are dead leads, but in reality, they are probably just not quite ready to buy a car yet and you are abandoning them too soon. We turn even your “dead leads” into sold cars. 

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According to our data, most car buyers are in the market for a new car for an average of 89 days. But most dealerships tend to abandon leads after a month or so. They don’t have the bandwidth to follow up for months with traditional sales techniques. But TECOBI makes it easy to keep leads in your working pipeline. 

How do we do it? With our Text Ninjas. SMS marketing is more popular than ever for a reason. Our Text Ninjas use artificial intelligence to communicate with thousands of potential customers, every day. We work alongside your dealership’s sales team to increase productivity (especially when compared to a traditional BDC.) Once we have a warm or even hot lead for you, we tee it up for your dealership to make a follow-up phone call or make an in-person appointment. 

 At TECOBI, we follow up with your leads until they buy or they die. We have the ability to follow up forever with our innovative and proprietary SMS marketing technology.

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TECOBI is the Best Automotive Marketing Solution 

Now, you know how to double your auto sales without doubling your marketing budget. Instead of busting your automotive marketing budget on outdated tactics that don’t really work, instead, invest in TECOBI. That’s the real way to double your auto sales without doubling your marketing budget. Chances are, you are spending too much money trying to connect with leads through marketing, but not enough on follow-up. Our least expensive plans begin at less than $1,000 per month. How much are you currently spending on your automotive marketing? And is it really working?

Automotive Industry Automation 

TECOBI is helping dealerships across the country sell more cars with our automation software that retains the human touch that customers love, and more importantly, respond to. We help you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and sell more vehicles. Check out our enterprise pricing plans and set up a TECOBI demo today.

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