Why You Are Doing Your Automotive Advertising Completely Wrong

Are your auto ads not doing a very good job of attracting new leads? I have bad news for you: you are doing your automotive advertising completely wrong. But don’t take it personally. Most car dealerships all have the same problems with ads. Not to worry, TECOBI can help you fix it. We know how to create Facebook and Instagram auto ads for your dealership that actually work. Then, we have the capability to follow up with those leads forever. TECOBI is a one-software fix to all of your car dealership’s advertising and lead follow up problems. We get the leads and set the appointments for you: all you have to do is sell the cars.

Problems With Your Automotive Advertising 

If you’re wondering why your Facebook auto ads aren’t working, we have the answer. I have traveled around the country visiting our client dealerships as I developed TECOBI, and I have used that experience to create not just great car dealership ads, but also a great follow-up process that is actually easy to use (unlike a lot of those CRMs out there.) 

These are a few of the common mistakes that we see on a regular basis with automotive advertising for car dealerships:

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You’re Still Relying on Old-School Car Dealership Advertising 

Are you still relying on “traditional,” aka old-school, advertising methods for your dealership? That’s your first mistake. Just like everything else these days, car buyers are in one place: online. They are doing their research online, they are checking out dealerships and prices online, and they are talking to their friends online about what kind of car they want to be. So, where should you be advertising? The answer is: online. Not in the newspaper, not on TV, and certainly not on billboards

Here’s another reason why you need to advertise your dealership online: if someone sees your ads in those places, they have to take a whole additional step to contact you, like pick up the phone and call you. (Which we already know most people are not going to do in the year 2022.) But when you advertise online, all the interested lead has to do is click a button to automatically fill out a form and they’re done. 

Car Dealership Misrepresentation

A whopping 87% of American consumers dislike something about the process of buying a vehicle at a traditional car dealership, and a big reason behind that is the stereotype that car dealers are untrustworthy or slimy. A common mistake with automotive advertising is placing misleading ads in order to entice leads into coming into the dealership. However, these misleading ads create distrust among clients and ultimately won’t get you a sale. Plus, customers are savvy these days and most likely will realize that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. 

That is why we never lie about prices or deals simply to get customers in the dealership. Instead of tricking customers with misleading ads, we show your real inventory to people in your geographic area. All leads have to do is fill out the automatic lead gen form when they click, and boom, now we have their contact information.  

Too Much Targeting

At TECOBI, we don’t worry about targeting our ads. We cast a wide net in your geographic area with our ads. Why not? Targeting is a waste of time and a waste of possible leads. At a minimum, without targeting, we help build brand awareness for your dealership on Facebook and Instagram. We wait to place leads in the right place in the sales funnel until later. 

Worrying About Clicks, Impressions, and Engagement 

I have a hot take for you: the clicks and impressions you get on your Facebook ads don’t really matter. The amount of clicks you get doesn’t really affect how many cars you sell. We care about the KPIs that really matter: how many leads you are getting, how many appointments you are setting, how many of those appointments actually show up, and how many of those appointments turn into sold cars for your dealership. 

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Inability to Follow Up With Leads

Does your dealership struggle with leads? For some dealerships, the advertising isn’t the issue, but the ability to follow up with the leads that you do get. With TECOBI, following up with leads is as easy as can be. No matter how many hundreds or thousands of leads you get from your new, effective Facebook and Instagram auto ads, we can follow up with all of them at the click of the button. Our Text Ninjas will be ready and waiting to engage with your leads. There is no such thing as abandoning a lead too soon or not having the ability to follow up with all the leads you get with TECOBI. Our innovative texting software makes it easy.

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How TECOBI Helps With Car Dealership Advertising

The first step of TECOBI’s proprietary software is to obtain leads with car dealership advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We know for a fact that Facebook leads are very effective in auto sales. The days of using billboards and TV commercials to advertise your dealership are long gone. We use social media ads to find leads for your store. Then, we use texting to communicate with those leads and set appointments. This means that all your sales team has to do is meet with the leads and finish the sale.

Automotive Marketing with TECOBI 

At TECOBI, we know a lot about automotive advertising. In fact, we have more than $30 million ad spend so far on Facebook and Instagram. Check out our case studies to see how happy our client dealerships are with our software and our services. Our company was even recently named one of the best tech startups in Greenwood Village! We know what works and what doesn’t. WE can turn your automotive advertising into long-term, incremental growth. If you want to never have to worry if you are doing your automotive advertising completely wrong every again, then TECOBI is the answer. Schedule a demo today!

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TECOBI Is the Best at Automation in the Auto Industry 

TECOBI is helping dealerships across the country sell more cars with our automation software that retains the human touch that customers love, and more importantly, respond to. We help you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and sell more vehicles. Check out our enterprise pricing plans and set up a TECOBI demo today.

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