You can now use direct mail with TECOBI. Import your direct mail file or choose from one of our direct mail campaigns below. Once a file is imported, we will generate a phone number and PIN codes that can be texted in by customers to inquire about the offer in your mail piece!

We Offer:


  • Fully integrated campaigns from start to finish
  • Mailing services
  • Bankruptcy, pre-screen, buyback data provided
  • Personalization to increase response rates
  • Software to organize and respond with customers
Direct mail
Co-op friendly

Buy Back Mailer

INCLUDES: Mailing services, buy back data, standard postage.

$1.00 / each

(2,500 order minimum)

Most Popular

Pre-Screen Mailer

INCLUDES: Mailing services, pre-screen data, standard postage

$1.05 / EACH

(2,500 order minimum)

Most Customizable

Bankruptcy Mailer

INCLUDES: Mailing services, 50 mile bankruptcy data, First class postage

$1.15 / EACH

(2,500 order minimum)