Who is tracking your customers and why?

Recently, we launched our new Text Message Website Widget and it got me digging into different website platforms to debug some basic CSS issues. While debugging I noticed some crazy network calls being made to a Third Party lead provider.

See the screenshot at the bottom of this blog to see the network calls I noticed on our client’s website. There are many network calls being made to PureCars. These network calls contain data on your website visitor’s browsing and shopping behaviors. Although I found a few different companies capturing data on this dealer’s website, it appears PureCars is capturing a massive amount of data.

Call me skeptical, but I’m not sure I would want a Third Party lead provider desperate to reach more in-market shoppers capturing data on the customer’s behavior on my website. Not only can they track your customer off your site, they also know how much of an engaged shopper they are…just seems like a huge conflict of interest to me.

Beyond the data privacy issue this causes a potential conflict of interest, the data capture is also not implemented properly. PureCars makes a network call with every mouse movement and click on the website. This data should be bundled and sent to the server less frequently to avoid slower load times and lag on the website.

I have not researched why this code is on this particular dealer’s website. They may have signed up for it, or may have inadvertently agreed to have it added to their website.

You can quickly see who is capturing data on your website by using Chrome Web Browser, Right Clicking on your page, go down to Inspect Element and then go to the network tab on the window that opens. On the network tab there is an option to select XHR. Select that and browse around your site. You will see various network actions and then you can hover over them to see the domain behind the network call.

If you want me to do a quick review of your site, you will need to let our team do a quick demo of our Web Site Widget. It will take about 15 minutes and is well worth your time. Click the Text Us widget on the bottom right corner of this page. Once your demo is finished, I will inspect your page free of charge for you and send you the network calls being made throughout your site.

Who is tracking your customers and why? Important information to know in the digital age we live in.

UPDATE: Our client has verified he cancelled PureCars months ago and requested this script be removed from his website. They have been tracking his website visitors for months.