Jason Girdner
Jason has always been at the forefront of connecting companies with customers. Before car dealers had websites, he was helping them generate leads using an 800 number that could take a credit app over the phone. He followed that up with success in direct mail, auto loans and a new frontier: Social Media.

As we started to generate SMS leads, through paid Facebook Ads, by the 10s of thousands per month, it became apparent that we needed to find an easy and streamlined way of providing the leads with accurate trade values for the vehicles they want to trade in. Consumers today expect answers and they expect them quickly!

After much research, it became clear that TRADEPENDING has the best solution for Trade Values in the market. They have a feature rich API that has allowed us to integrate seamlessly into our SMS software and workflow. Their SNAP Market Reports use real values from local cars for sell by other dealers.

The accuracy of trade values provided to potential customers is extremely important to eliminate confusion and frustration from the customer’s point of view. If your quoted trade value is off by even a little, it can cost your dealership appointments and sales!

This new integration allows BDRs to quickly Text Message customers a detailed breakdown of their vehicle’s current value. You can quickly jump from a SMS conversation to running a trade value without ever leaving the chat window.

Text messaging a customer their trade value has never been easier. Within one minute you can have a complete report that can be sent to the customer via Text Message.

By building more integrated features, like this TRADEPENDING integration, we will make our system and process the most efficient way of converting SMS leads into appointments and appointments into cars sold.

We look forward to a long relationship with TRADEPENDING. Below you will find some screenshots of this integration.

TECOBI TradePending Screen 1

TECOBI TradePending Screen 2

TECOBI TradePending Screen 3

TECOBI TradePending Screen 4