Facebook Lead Generation Ad Campaigns

Jason Girdner
Jason has always been at the forefront of connecting companies with customers. Before car dealers had websites, he was helping them generate leads using an 800 number that could take a credit app over the phone. He followed that up with success in direct mail, auto loans and a new frontier: Social Media.

Facebook’s Lead Ads are hands down the fastest and cheapest way to convert a click into a lead on Facebook, and for that matter, on the internet as a whole. They allow people to show their interest in your offer by completing a form directly on Facebook. The forms are pre-populated with the user’s Facebook information making it the fastest way available for people to respond to advertisements and for advertisers to capture leads. Within seconds you can capture a lead right in Facebook. Combined with the insane amount of data Facebook let’s you use when creating your ads, this is a marriage made in heaven for digital advertisers!

Below is an illustration of the Facebook lead generation process

Facebook Lead Generation Process

The only problem: There is no easy way to access these leads and get them into your CRM. There are some CRM integrations but none I’ve seen in the automotive space…yet. You have to manually download a CSV from your Facebook page and import it into your CRM. You are forced to check for new leads on a regular basis due to poor notifications from Facebook when a new lead is received. As you can imagine this can become a very time consuming and tedious task and you will lose customers if you don’t respond quick enough.

TECOBI’s Solution: Our clients and auto dealers in general are tremendously increasing their ad spends with Facebook and we were forced to come up with a solution out of necessity. We loved the ads, but the time it takes to process the leads has us working far more than we should for such a trivial task. So, we recently started tinkering with Facebook’s Graph API to see if we could come up a solution for the above problem. I’ve never been one to do things the hard way! The more you can automate and define processes, the more efficient you become, the more time you save and we all know TIME = MONEY.

Today, I am happy to announce we finally have that solution available for ourselves and our clients. Many hours will be saved by not having to manually retrieve leads and sort through which ones you have already downloaded and which ones you have not. More cars will be sold to happier customers, because they received a timely response!

Using our Text Marketing platform you can subscribe to a Lead Event for your Facebook page. Once you have successfully subscribed your page to TECOBI’s texting platform we will begin receiving notifications every time a new lead is posted to a lead form you create on Facebook.

Text message and lead generated from Facebook Lead Generation Ad.

Once the lead is posted to TECOBI from Facebook, we then fire off a Text Message Auto Responder to the customer letting them know we received their information and all the normal opt-out disclaimers. You can even set-up the TECOBI Robot to respond with a series of questions once the lead has been received.

Now that the lead is in our system your sales staff can continue text messaging the customer from the TECOBI App and push the lead into your CRM when they are ready or if your Auto Push functionality turned on, the lead will automatically be routed to your CRM as soon as we receive it from Facebook.