Clicks, Money, and Sin

For years most of the marketing I have sold to my colleague’s and people I would consider friends in the automotive industry and real estate is measured by KPIs and not by ROI, dollars, or units sold.

While there is value in outsourcing some work to agencies. You want to make sure they aren’t a part of larger corporations that receive kickbacks. These large companies will often charge more (overcharge) their clients dramatically so the salespeople and owners of agencies and dealerships have to do all the hard work and reap little to no profit. This is becoming very troublesome as the public, majority of the time is having a hard time getting a good deal as they’ve been taken advantage of for far too long as well.

This entire circle of advertising and sales tactics are just full of ghost or mystery clicks; there is greed for money at so many levels, and endless snake oil sales… and for what? What’s "snake oil" you ask? It was the go to cure-all from doctors and medicine men… that was proven to have actually NO medicinal value. So it was sold to people as a cure… but for what?

Brokers and dealers owners are left forced to pick from a select few that doesn’t have their best interest at heart. Those that choose against the mainstream are often ridiculed by many political circles that make it harder for them to succeed.

I encourage the smaller agencies, service providers, and niche product owners to stand for something or fall for anything.

If you are a vendor and clicked this, you might be part of the problem. And why are you part of the problem? You are suspect in your own mind. You clicked to read…. because you thought you had something to worry about!

What we should do? Return to service; serving our clients – the dealers and realtors whom can serve the public instead of serving up the bullshit clicks, KPIs and reports. It’s the smokescreen of sin to payout money to those that are not all deserving. It’s time to provide ROI.

Daniel Webb