Toyota Store does 10x ROI with TECOBI® and Facebook® Lead Gen Ads

Woburn Toyota has consistently been ranked 8th to 12th for sales in its region, but now for April 2018 Woburn is already tracking 2nd to 5th. What’s the difference?

Billy Goulette is new Regional Director for Marketing and BDC for Albrecht Auto Group, and he is currently focusing on their Woburn Toyota store.


I’m really enjoying the fast-pace and quick-decision of Albrecht, and that came to bear in using TECOBI®. No red tape that can take weeks for approval, and stall success, as I’ve seen so many times before in my career—I wanted to come out of the gate with success, and I was able to do that with the full support of Albrecht right away. I had used TECOBI® at my previous group to mixed success, and I wanted to try it again here in a different way. And we are, and we are killing it.

Woburn Toyota has a BDC, which is a very strong part of Billy’s forte. And TECOBI® works very well in stores with or without a BDC. Since he had experience with TECOBI® before, however, Billy studied the lead process he had at his new group and found that sending price quotes from a BDC for lead generation — a classic BDC process in place a many great dealerships — was NOT how to handle TECOBI® social media customers. At all. TECOBI® trains around a relationship lead-to-buy method with the customer, or, as Billy puts it

it’s like talking to your brother or sister about buying a car

Billy’s BDC stopped automatically sending price quotes to TECOBI® leads, for example, and TECOBI® appointment sets just took off – and, in fact, needing to send a price quote to TECOBI® leads is now a very rare thing.

Woburn Toyota has new salespeople work in the BDC for their first two weeks, working leads and calls to appointments. TECOBI® is now part of that new salesperson BDC training rotation, so that the salespeople know how to continue with the social media conversation begun by the BDC with TECOBI® right into the sale.

TECOBI® is a great fit for us, because we focus on gross at Woburn Toyota, not just on volume,” Billy says. “We are doubling our TECOBI® budget this month. We started with $5000 last month and logged $50,000 in gross from TECOBI® lead sales, so we doubled it to $10,000 for this month. So far, we are tracking at least $90,000 in gross from the TECOBI® leads at mid-month. We could not be happier with TECOBI®.


Even in the northeast USA, Billy is also finding a strong number of Spanish-speaking shoppers, and Billy is growing his cadre of Spanish-speaking salespeople to capture those sales—and Woburn Toyota is using TECOBI® to connect with them in a way on social media that fits those Spanish-speaking buyers in his area. In fact, for both English- and Spanish-speaking buyers, TECOBI® leads continuously yield buying conversations about payments, credit, and vehicle. And gross just builds from there.

For example, one Spanish lead from TECOBI® came in on a used off-trade-line vehicle, but the social media conversation on TECOBI® eventually brought him in to buy a new Toyota Tundra. Now that’s success!

Billy adds, “I’ve had so much sales success now with TECOBI® that I’ve added an hourly sales assistant to help us manage those conversations when we are busy. For us, this works very well because it’s a very small expense against the gross we make, and she is just talking to the prospect with pictures of the vehicle, discussions of family, and happy moments. This all works to amplify the attraction for social media leads to our store, and the gross numbers prove it every month.”

The advertising ROI on TECOBI® versus other advertising, overall, is number 1 for Woburn Toyota, and Billy rates TECOBI® 5 Stars for sales results— and for stellar support performance.

We really had to listen to Jason Girdner, founder of TECOBI®, and our rep Trevor Brooks: They were telling us how to succeed with TECOBI®, and when we followed their process then TECOBI® became a complete sales powerhouse for us. They have the best support, bar none, of any product for automotive. TECOBI®, Jason, and Trevor really want us to succeed and are invested with us in that, and TECOBI® is a true partner for us.

TECOBI® is dedicated to producing great sales from social media leads, and from support back to development, there is nothing else like it today for sales success This Month. We’re very happy to see the sales success from TECOBI® in the hands of people like Billy Goulette and stores like Woburn Toyota, and we can’t want to see how far it goes for them. Many thanks from TECOBI® to Billy and to Woburn Toyota!

Billy Goulette | Regional Director BDC
Albrecht Auto Group | Woburn Norwood Nashua Marlboro Milford
394 Washington Street, Woburn MA 01801
D: (339) 645-2226 • C: (978) 549-1443 •