BDC Services

BDC Services

Need Help Communicating with Customers? We Got Your Back!

Our team of Text Ninjas is here to help you communicate with customers while reducing the burden on your staff. By making text messaging the primary form of communication, you'll experience skyrocketing engagement with customers. However, this increased engagement necessitates additional effort to manage the volume of communication, which is where our expert team comes in.

A Different Kind of BDC

Our Text Ninjas collaborate effortlessly with your sales team, engaging leads and obtaining vital customer information through captivating conversations. As leads become warm and qualified, we pass them on to your skilled closers, ensuring a seamless transition and optimizing the opportunity for success. Traditional remote BDCs often struggle with today's more discerning customers by merely attempting to set appointments. Instead, we focus on nurturing leads and connecting them with your knowledgeable sales team, who can address all of the customers' questions and concerns.

This hybrid approach provides a seamless solution to enlisting external assistance with customer communication. The customer never realizes they're interacting with our Text Ninjas, as the experience feels as if they're directly communicating with your staff. This smooth integration ensures a consistent and professional experience for your customers, while efficiently supporting your team's communication efforts.

Phone Ninjas When You Need Them

In today's fiercely competitive market, sourcing qualified staff and managing bustling in-store customer traffic can challenge dealerships to stay on top of phone calls. Worry not, as our Text Ninjas create warm leads for your team, our proficient Phone Ninjas stand ready to step in and manage those calls if your team is unable to. This approach guarantees every opportunity is captured, allowing your dealership to sustain its momentum and consistently expand its market presence.

With full transparency at its core, the TECOBI system allows you to easily access all customer communication, including text messages and phone calls. You can read conversations and listen to phone calls while managing appointments with our integrated calendar. This level of visibility ensures seamless management of your dealership's customer interactions and promotes trust in our services.