In April of 2020, Alex Flores, the General Manager of Seguin Chevrolet, spent $860 on Automotive Facebook Marketing that resulted in 10 cars sold at $86 per car sold

Below you will find a screenshot that breaks down the four KPIs that are tracked using TECOBI, combined with Facebook advertisements: Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Appointment, Cost Per Show, Cost Per Sold. We take data from Facebook’s Ads API and overlay DMS and appointment data. This gives us four KPIs that allow us to know exactly what the Cost Per Car Sold is and what the ROI was from Facebook advertising.

In the past it was difficult to measure your ROI from Automotive Facebook Advertising – not with TECOBI’s innovative text-messaging software combined with Facebook’s Lead Generation ads. Understanding your ROI is key to making any form of advertising work. The chart below shows how long it took to drive down the Cost Per Car Sold to $86 from those leads.

Most dealers are busy fighting over the bottom of the funnel and it has eroded their gross profit margins. Facebook gives you a way to reach people and push them into the market. This will require extensive follow up. Traditional CRMs are just not capable of this. Most dealerships are lucky to get a full week of follow up on their leads. As you can see from the chart below, there were three cars sold in December 2020 from leads generated seven months earlier in April/May 2020.

This type of extensive follow up is made possible by using Hybrid Intelligence and Text Message Communication. We have a team of people and AI working together to efficiently process and follow up with leads. When done properly, Facebook leads result in one of the lowest Cost Per Car Sold averages you can have in the car business. They also have the highest gross profit margins because the customers are not out shopping every dealership in town.

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Dan Webb

Best Lead Gen and follow up in the world to increase sales period.

Dan Webb

Believe in the process and all goals and dreams will be achieved.

Melissa Diaz

Hands down a game changer for Dealerships! Where else can you actively engage your entire database in a consistent, relevant and personal way? Not to mention the support from the performance managers is 🔥🔥🔥

Misty Burton

Thank you Melissa, it is a huge help too when we have dealerships like yours that understand the partnership.

Chuck Loomis

The ROI from Tecobi sounds unbelievable but once you see the results it speaks for itself

Aj Valenzuela


Monte Clair

Since I started dealing with Dan Webb and Jason they have proven how powerful using Facebook can be and as long as you trust the process it pays off.

Ramae Allen

Facebook is where it’s at!!!! I have been trying to shove this into the minds of GM’s!!. I Spent $100.00 on Facebook ads in 2 weeks and 4 vehicle sales came out of it!!! I can only imagine what $1000 would do!!! FACEBOOK AND TEXTING is The Best Way to Communicate, follow up, and Put metal in the Streets!!!!

Aaron Tilden

I have started noticing what dealers do and do not use Facebook. I am not a marketing expert but it sure seems like it could be very advantageous.

Ali Gonzalez

Properly run ads through fb like this one are still extremely undervalued!! Great ROI

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Ramae Allen

I can say that Facebook lead Gen is THE WAY to go!!!!! over half of the appointments I set are generated from Facebook and text messaging!

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