It’s the question that’s on every auto dealer’s mind as we enter spring 2021: are in-person sales appointments at the dealership gone for good!? The coronavirus has turned the automotive world upside down.  Almost 60% of consumers who bought cars during the peak of the pandemic did at least part of the process online. The way car dealers do business might never be quite the same. The good news is, there are always going to be some customers who still like to do business in-person. But, the tide has changed. We know: selling cars is a people business. And it still can be! These days, even if clients are coming into the dealership, even more are conducting their research online. We’ve all gotten comfy doing business on our couches over the last year. If you haven’t already invested in digital tools to help make it easier for your clients to buy from you online, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. The era of digital retail is here to stay – even in the automotive industry. So how will you adapt? We’ll tell you how to make digital sales appointments and sell more cars.

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How to Make Digital Sales Appointments

As customers adjust to personalized online services, how can an auto dealer compete? The key is TECOBI. At TECOBI, we specialize in the tools that separate the successful auto dealerships from the ones stuck in the old ways. While those ways might have worked in the past, it’s time to look to the future. The internet isn’t just for buying books on Amazon anymore. These days, your clients could go online and look at CarMax or Carvana. That means that beating the competition and transitioning to digital retail just means slapping up a website with some photos of your inventory and you’re done. Your approach to digital retail for vehicles needs to be interactive in order to engage the customer. People will want to buy cars from REAL people.

We’ll tell you how we do it the TECOBI way:

Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Dealerships

Try swapping out your ad budget for your next outdated TV commercial for some Facebook or Instagram ads instead. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself. TECOBI can create a digital advertising campaign for your dealership. We’ll showcase your best inventory and any specials you’re running. We target your entire area and find the leads for you. Then, we found out if they’re ready to purchase and work the lead accordingly. Some customers are ready to purchase, so we mark them as hot and hand them over to you. Some leads, however, require more nurturing and help through the process, which we provide. 

This saves you the frustrating step of cold-calling leads, not to mention targeting the correct people is much more effective. With over $30 million in ad spend so far, you could say TECOBI is the expert in digital advertising for the automotive industry. If you’re still scoffing at social media advertising for automotive dealerships, check out our client who sold ten cars with just $860 worth of Facebook advertising.

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TECOBI Text Ninjas Follow Up with Leads

The next step: texting. Rather than a phone call that most likely will just end up going to voicemail lately, our text ninjas follow up in the way that’s most likely to succeed: with a text message. Customers love how non-invasive and easy texting is. And our proprietary text messaging technology means we follow up with the leads we accrue from our digital ads instantaneously, which is part of why it’s so effective. Texting helps convert leads at a higher rate and ultimately, helps you sell more cars.

Take Your Sales Appointment to TECOBI Meet

Finally, you book your sales appointments digitally with TECOBI Meet. Live video conferencing is the future of auto sales. Your leads don’t have to download an annoying app on their phones or anything. Simply click a link, and you’re in the meeting with your potential new client. You can show them the car, demonstrate any exciting features, and even text them a credit application – all while you’re on your meeting. Treat it just like any other sale, and chances are, you’ve got a brand-new customer. Once they’ve narrowed down their choice, many customers do still want to visit the dealership for a test drive. However, if you finalize the sale over the meeting, just have the client swing by the dealership to pick up their new car keys, and voila –  you’re done.

How Do Virtual Sales Differ From In-Person Sales Appointments?

There is some good news for you – a lot of the same principles of making sales virtually still apply digitally. Even though clients might not be visiting the dealership in person until it’s time to sign some final paperwork and pick up their new keys, you can still use all your tried-and-true tactics to sell cars.

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Digital Sales Best Practices

Focus On Your Customers

These days more than ever before, customers expect a certain amount of personalization when they are in the buying process, particularly for a large purchase like a new car or truck.

Keep It Professional

There is a tendency to be more casual on a sales call that’s digital than one that’s in person. We recommend that you keep it serious and professional in order to close that sale.

Be Yourself!

At the end of the day, whether it’s in-person or online, people like to buy cars from people who they know and trust. Continue utilizing the same tactics that have helped you sell cars in the past, and simply adapt them to the world digital of retail. 

Book MORE Sales Appointments Than Ever Before with TECOBI

Do you need more sales appointments on your books? Let the text ninjas at TECOBI help you. We’ll help you generate the right leads and set your appointments, and you do your job and sell the cars. According to the latest industry research, nearly 90% of auto dealers are going beyond doing business solely in their physical dealership as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t let those dealerships beat you! Instead, embrace 2021 and the latest TECOBI technology. We’ll make your lives easier AND help you sell more cars. Contact us today.

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