We all know that Facebook is popular, with everyone from your kids to your great-aunt. But it’s much more than just a platform to connect with your friends and family. Facebook remains an excellent lead-generating option for auto sales — if you know how to use it right. Even the best tools don’t work well if you don’t know how to use them properly. TECOBI is a marketer that provides car dealership advertising and lead generation services. Our proprietary technology is like nothing else on the market today. 

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The Secret to Car Dealership Lead Generation

How is your car dealership getting leads? Don’t you dare say your sales team is still cold-calling! It’s time to upgrade to the 21st century with TECOBI and use Facebook ads. These platforms are key for generating more online auto leads. 

Maybe you’re skeptical of Facebook ads because you’ve tried running ads there before and they didn’t work as well as you hoped. For Facebook to be a successful lead generation tool for auto dealers, you need to know how to create Facebook ads that convert. 

The secret to using Facebook for lead generation and auto sales is to capture low-funnel leads. What we do next with those leads for your dealership is where we really shine. 

Benefits of Using Facebook for Car Dealership Lead Generation

Auto dealerships need to adopt modern lead generation tactics to survive and beat the competition like Tesla and Carvana. There are several reasons why Facebook leads are still effective for car dealerships, even beyond finding leads. 

Lead Generation

There is no better lead generation tool for auto dealerships than Facebook. Facebook allows you to reach a wide breadth of potential leads in your geographic area. Anyone in your area considering buying a car, upgrading their car, or who might not even know yet that they want to get a new car might see your ads. The potential for lead forming on Facebook is unlimited. If you’re not already advertising your dealership on Facebook, you’re missing out on a lot of potential leads. 

Brand Awareness

Facebook ads are a much better, more modern way to make people aware of your dealership than traditional ways of building brand awareness, like TV and radio commercials and newspaper ads. We help you showcase your best inventory and your current specials on Facebook and Instagram. 

Reach New Customers

You can reach more people on Facebook in your area with ads with whom you might otherwise not make contact. We cast a wide net with our Facebook and Instagram ads to capture tons of leads in your area. 

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Excellent ROI

Facebook ads give you an excellent return on your investment, especially when you utilize TECOBI’s services. It is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms.  Do you want 10x your ROI? We are the expert Facebook marketers for auto sales. We have the same goal as you: to help you sell more cars. 

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TECOBI Is the Best Auto Facebook Marketer

TECOBI is the best auto Facebook marketer in the business. We have spent more than $30 million on Facebook and Instagram ads. We have the necessary data to understand conversion patterns and how to create ads that actually work. Our Facebook ads drive leads off their couch and straight into your dealership, where hopefully, they will drive home in their new vehicle. 

How We Create Facebook Ads That Convert for Your Dealership

We show the most compelling inventory from your dealership, along with the specials you’re offering currently, to people in close proximity to your area. 

We also utilize lead gen ads, which capture the customer’s information directly from the platform. They are more likely to hand over their contact details when the form is automatically filled out for them on Facebook. 

What we don’t do is resort to dishonest tactics to sell vehicles. No potential lead will be happy when they show up at the dealership, and nothing is true to your Facebook ads. Aggressive, pushy sales tactics don’t work anymore. We make the car buying process more enjoyable for your customers. 

Contact us to get a free sample of Facebook ads that actually convert.

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Our Followup is the Key

Could you run your Facebook ads that convert? Maybe. But at TECOBI, we can follow up with thousands of leads with just one click of a button of our proprietary software. When we use Facebook to capture thousands of leads for your dealership, we can follow up with them right away. 

Then, we can pursue them until they buy or they die. We do it with our Text Ninjas. Some of the leads we generate for your dealership will be ready to buy, and that’s great. We’ll send them to you, you put them in the vehicle they want, and you get a sale, boom. But others are still months away from buying a car. Maybe their lease is expiring in a few months, and they’re simply doing their research ahead of time. 

Typically, you’d probably pursue this lead hard for a week or two, then eventually abandon it to talk to someone who is more ready to buy a car. Then, when that first lead is finally prepared to buy, you’ve forgotten all about them, and they end up purchasing a vehicle from a competing dealership (or even worse, from Carvana.)

Text messaging is the key to selling more cars faster. With TECOBI, that doesn’t happen. We follow up with the leads we capture for you forever via text.

Successful Car Dealership Advertising at TECOBI

At TECOBI, we don’t just help you get leads from Facebook and Instagram. We help turn your social media leads into long-term, incremental growth. We do all the hard work of Facebook advertising for you and finding leads so that you can do what you are best at: selling cars. Text us today to get started with Facebook advertising for your dealership that really works! We are the strongest tool at your dealership’s disposal to help you get more leads and more sales. 


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We work with your dealership to help you sell more cars. Our goal is to deliver you leads who are ready to visit the dealership and buy a new (or used) vehicle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you sell more cars in the next year.

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