Car dealerships need to be aware of an increasing trend in the automotive industry, and it’s not a good one. We think this is an important enough issue that we are devoting a blog post to it. This trend is Facebook event companies.

While these companies might seem helpful and help you sell more cars in the short term, in the long term, they can greatly impact your dealership’s reputation. It might seem tempting to sell lots of cars quickly with these companies, but if you value your reputation and your dealership’s, they’re ultimately not worth it. Trust is everything in the automotive industry, and customers won’t buy cars from dealerships they don’t trust. 

Do you want to succeed quickly and lose your reputation, or do you want your dealership to succeed over the long term? With TECOBI, you don’t have to choose between the two.

Here’s the bottom line: Facebook event companies are not only unhelpful, but they can actually hurt your dealership’s reputation and ability to do business in your market. At TECOBI, on the other hand, we use Facebook honestly and with integrity to help you sell more cars.

avoid facebook event companies

Why You Need to Avoid Facebook Event Companies

Here’s how it works: there are a lot of Facebook event companies that are making false claims about what they’re willing to pay for trade-ins. These event companies set up a separate Facebook page from your dealership’s main Facebook page, so that you don’t see the bad reviews that pile up. Especially if you’re in a small market, this poses a BIG problem for your dealership. These Facebook event companies are only selling the number of cars they are because they are tricking people into thinking they are going to get more for their trade-in than what it is actually worth.

Unfortunately, we see it all the time. The owner of the dealership has no idea it’s happening because their GM, GSM, or sales manager is working with one of these companies and the owner has no clue the alternate Facebook page even exists. Since they made a separate Facebook page, you’re not getting notified of the negative reviews. You simply think your team is doing a great job of selling cars. Your general manager makes a bunch of money off these sales, then leaves the dealership. The owner of the dealership ends up having to deal with the fallout of the bad reviews while the GM simply moves on to their next job.

Why are Facebook Reviews Important for my Dealership? 

You might be able to avoid the negative reviews on your dealership’s main Facebook page, but you can’t avoid the fact that the people who see the bad reviews are always going to dislike your dealership for misleading them and advertising falsely. These bad Facebook reviews create a massive amount of bad publicity for your dealership.

Facebook and Your Auto Dealership’s Reputation

You might be thinking, well, what are a few bad Facebook reviews if my dealership is selling more cars? The problem is that these days, bad online reviews are a disaster for any dealership. We are in the age of digital retail in the automotive industry, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. 

This is why you need to be very careful and aware of these so-called “Facebook event companies.” If someone wants to set up a separate Facebook page for your dealership other than your main page, beware. It’s highly likely that they are doing it for a reason. They don’t want you to see the bad reviews you’re garnering from the false advertisements they are placing online. 

The smaller the market that you’re in, the worse your dealership will be affected by these negative Facebook reviews.

auto dealerships reputation
facebook dealership reputation

What happens on Facebook definitely doesn’t stay on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how many cars you sell today. If you burn your reputation in your market, you’ll end up regretting it. Plus, if you don’t have many Facebook reviews as it is, those bad ones might be the only reviews that exist online for your dealership. 

At the end of the day, it’s not worth it to sell cars if you have to mislead customers and lie to them. Customers value honesty and integrity. That’s why we want auto dealership owners and the automotive industry as a whole to be aware of this issue. Facebook event companies need to stop lying to and misleading dealership’s customers. Digital media is changing the car-buying experience, but it needs to be in a positive manner if we want car dealerships to survive.

Facebook Dealership Marketing at TECOBI: We Do It Right

Here’s the good news: just because Facebook event companies are bad doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using Facebook to market your dealership. In fact, the opposite is true. Facebook is the key that many auto dealerships need in order to succeed. You just need to do it honestly and fairly, so you don’t damage your reputation with your customers in the process. 

At TECOBI, we are the champions of automotive Facebook Dealership marketing. We don’t lie, we don’t post false prices, and guess what – we still sell LOTS of cars on Facebook. In April 2020, one of our clients sold ten cars with $860 worth of automotive Facebook marketing. That’s only $86 per car sold. We have spent $30 million in Facebook ads, and we’re not done yet. Our data helps us understand conversion patterns and how to generate ads that will convert leads into customers – honestly.

dealership marketing tecobi

How do we do it? We show the best inventory and your latest specials to the people near your dealership. We drive them from Facebook and Instagram, straight into your dealership and into their new vehicle. We are the dealership marketing proof that you don’t need to lie to sell cars on Facebook. So don’t do it! Instead, trust the automotive marketing experts at TECOBI. We’ll help you sell cars and retain the trust of your market and your customers.

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