A question I get asked often is whether or not I believe in BDCs in today’s auto sales world. The simple answer is yes. The more complicated answer is no; I don’t believe in the more traditional way of looking at BDCs. BDCs have long been a hot topic of debate in the auto industry, but it has never been more relevant than right now. There have been some epic changes in the auto industry this year. It’s time to reimagine the traditional BDC in the auto industry. There is a better way to sell more cars: a hybrid mix of a BDC and sales team that works together like a team. At TECOBI, we have come up with a solution that solves the problems presented by a traditional BDC. 

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Are BDCs Still Important for Auto Dealerships?

A business development center can still be helpful to help you sell more cars. Sure, there are some advantages to a BDC. However, most BDCs are not built specifically for car dealerships. There is a better alternative. 

If you want to sell the most cars in the easiest way, you need TECOBI. I have traveled around the country talking to dealerships and honing the best way to close more deals and put more dreams in driveways. Like many dealerships, maybe you are realizing your BDC isn’t working for you – it’s time to consider changing your route to selling the most cars. 

The goal of a BDC is to help you find more leads and deliver those leads to your dealership. TECOBI does all of this, but better and at a higher volume. The best part is, the leads never know TECOBI was involved. They think they were talking to your sales team the whole time. 

2022 is the perfect time to reconsider your BDC, as the digitalization of the auto industry grows and customers are losing loyalty to their local dealerships.

The Answer: A Hybrid Mix of BDC and Sales

A hybrid mix between BDC and sales is the best way to do it. Here’s how it works: your BDC is texting customers to warm them up for a phone call, and then they toss it over to the sales team when it’s time for a phone call. The sales person makes the call, and the BDC person holds that salesperson accountable for the call. In my opinion, this is the best mix between BDC and sales to make sure that customers get to talk to the best salesperson in the dealership and get the best car-buying experience.

The traditional auto dealership pushy sales tactics are in the past. The key is teamwork between the BDC and the sales department. The BDC team is really good at texting and working on computers, and the sales department is best at talking to potential customers on the phone and closing sales.

TECOBI Testimonial from a Real Dealership

If you’re still unsure, read from a real TECOBI client in Des Moines, Iowa. TECOBI allows you to minimize your workforce and make the people you do have working for you more efficient. At the press of a button in TECOBI, you can follow up with all your leads. It’s like shaking a tree full of leads and seeing who falls out. According to Erika Hall, the business development manager at Charles Gabus Ford, “it makes your BDC more efficient than you could ever hope for!” 

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Why TECOBI is the Answer

Rather than working with a traditional BDC, try working with TECOBI instead. Rather than paying a huge BDC to work for you, use one person to handle all of your text messaging within TECOBI for your dealership. 

Many dealerships hire a massive BDC and they have a good amount of leads coming in, but even a huge BDC often can’t follow up with every single lead until they buy or they die. There is only so much you can do inside a traditional CRM. TECOBI was built to solve these problems. Why pay people tens of thousands of dollars a month to do follow-up that can easily be done with the click of a button in TECOBI? 

With TECOBI’s ping-pong process, you not only obtain tons of leads, but you also have the ability to follow up with every single lead you get. With TECOBI, you will never lose customers through the cracks. We help you be more organized and efficient. 

Instead of paying a huge BDC team, why not just get it down to one employee? That’s what one of our clients did. That’s right: one of our client dealerships is down to one BDC employee. She handles 1,100 leads in a month for her dealership – on her own – with TECOBI, and she crushes it. Once she has a lead who is ready to come into the dealership, she hands the lead over to a salesperson to finish the deal. 

TECOBI also gives your leads a better car-buying experience. Instead of being constantly pestered with phone calls by a salesperson who would rather be on the floor closing deals, the customer gets to text and ask their questions. Most people prefer texting with a dealership over phone calls, anyway.  We set you up for a seamless and excellent customer service experience.                                                                                       

Many dealerships are reluctant to embrace change, but the new year is the perfect time to look to the future and evolve. Do you want to keep taking your chances on a traditional BDC, or get 10X the ROI with TECOBI?

Set Yourself Up for Success in 2022 with TECOBI

If you want to rev up your engine for your dealership in the new year, contact TECOBI today to get started. Whatever your dealership’s goals are, we can help you crush them. We have recently implemented tons of new features inside of TECOBI to make our software work even better and harder for you in 2022. Our plans start at $995 per month and include video conferencing, unlimited calls & SMS, GIFs, and more. Learn more about our pricing and options and schedule a demo! 


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