For 25 years, I made a good living running a family-owned company producing radio, newspaper, TV and direct mail events for car dealerships all over the U.S.and Canada. We measured our results one way and one way only…how much did the dealership spend versus how many vehicles they sold. THEN the internet happened. In a span of three years, my company went from comfortable and profitable to….gone.

I have spent the past ten years searching for a social media or internet leads company that measures results the same way I always have. NOT how many likes, click throughs, website hits or even how many leads…BUT BY HOW MANY VEHICLES THE DEALERSHIP SELLS!

This past year, I FOUND THE COMPANY. TECOBI is a company that “gets it”…they know that the bottom line is how many vehicles the dealership sells…and they work harder than any other company that I have found to help each and every dealership sell…more…cars. Not just once a month, or once a week…but every minute of every day. As long as the dealership is open, TECOBI is in their leads. 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. And all staff and management is available at just about any time of day or night.

TECOBI’s texting platform is a leap ahead of every other texting platform out there…and is literally being improved with new features weekly. You can now feed leads from over 72 different sources directly into TECOBI’s texting platform You can text blast up to 500 customers at a time. TECOBI’s team of “text ninjas” backstop your sales or BDC team and help set appointments. And this doesn’t even take into effect how great their Facebook ads team is if you choose to add that service.

The bottom line is…you MUST change is you are going to thrive…evolve or die. If you are not taking advantage of Facebook, of texting, of advertising where your customers actually are and talking to them they want to talk…then you will follow my company’s example…and cease to exist. The final open rate of email is 22%. The final open rate of text is 98%!!!! Which way should you be communicating with your customer?

In sales, FOLLOW-UP IS THE ABSOLUTE KEY! You can spend all the money you want driving traffic to your showroom, to your website, leads into your email…but how long does even your BEST salesperson follow-up with a customer that is not “buying today”? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

TECOBI’s combination of artificial intelligence and human “text ninjas” follow-up your customers until “they buy or die”. It is not unusual to look through a TECOBI lead and see that they originally clicked on a Facebook ad 6 or 9 MONTHS ago! TECOBI’s technology keeps in touch with those customers so your salespeople can focus on the customers who are in the market now.

TECOBI’s “text blast” feature allows you to follow-up with up to 500 customers in about ONE MINUTE! If you get 20 of those customers to say they are still shopping for a vehicle…aren’t those the customers you want your salespeople calling today? NOT the same 50 or 100 customers your CRM is having them call for the last few months…and they never even answer the phone.

With TECOBI’s technology, you can have your best salespeople working SMARTER not harder. Put them in touch with consumers who say they are in the market and let TECOBI keep those upper funnel customers engaged.

Finally, for all of my dealer friends who are still spending $250-$500/month on Facebook. Why is it that you used to spend $30,000/month on TV or radio or newspaper…but you think spending $5000/month on Facebook is too much? 79% OF ONLINE ADULTS ARE ON FACEBOOK!

Until one of these other social platforms come close to that number, Facebook is where you need to be spending up to 50% of your ad budget!

CHANGE…ADAPT…EVOLVE…PROSPER! The best dealers are always looking ahead…looking for the next big thing…that’s how many of you found my company back in 1985. TECOBI is the next big thing. Take a look at or call or text me at (919) 749-2537 if you want to discuss any of this information.

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